A look back at ... Éric Pras's Star Dinner at Domaine Uma

On April 26, 2024, Domaine Uma offered an exceptional culinary experience in its architectural winery, a place where history and modernity meet. This star-studded dinner, orchestrated by three-starred chef and MOF, Eric Pras of Maison Lameloise, was held in a setting as majestic as the cuisine served.

‍Thearchitecture of the estate

Domaine Uma, located in the heart of thePic Saint Loup, features architecture that combines traditional limestone with contemporary materials such as concrete and stainless steel. This fusion creates a space where gentle curves and advanced winemaking technologies coexist harmoniously. The facilities use reconstituted gravity for gentle vatting and precise temperature control during fermentation, ensuring exceptional quality for every cuvée.

The Gastronomic Menu

The menu designed by Éric Pras for the evening showcased his Burgundian cuisine with a finesse that justifies his three stars. Guests were treated to :

  • Snail fritters with garlic and parsley
  • Smoked quail egg tartlet with vine shoots
  • Foie gras lollipop with passion fruit jelly
  • Green and white asparagus, flame-cooked char with asparagus sorbet, chickpea hummus and asparagus herb water
  • Slow-cooked Saint Pierre lacquered with its juices, served with artichoke and rhubarb
  • Mediterranean prawns prepared in a Burgundian style, with a gingerbread civet sauce
  • Milk-fed veal Roast loin, lark with comté cheese and sorrel, peas and morels, elderberry jus
  • Orange and aniseed from Flavigny

Each dish was carefully matched to the Domaine's wines, creating perfect pairings that delighted the palate.

An Evening to Remember

Dinner at Domaine Uma was not just a meal, but a celebration of the culinary arts in an exceptional setting. The combination of Eric Pras's talent and the unique atmosphere of the winery provided an unforgettable evening for the lucky guests.

This type of event underlines Domaine Uma's commitment to excellence in both viticulture and gastronomy. The star-studded dinners planned throughout the year promise to continue attracting lovers of fine food and great wines.

For more details on future events at Domaine Uma, you can visit the program here.

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A look back at ... Éric Pras's Star Dinner at Domaine Uma

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