OUR Agents

They represent the domain all over France

2 Thomas Duran
3 Vincent Laroche
4 Philippe Gidel
5 Philippe Gidel
6 Eva Roudil
8 Sylvain Duplant
12 Bernard Soulie
13 Patrice Lesne
14 Jean-Marie Laviec
15 Vincent Laroche
16 Nicolas Fourgeaud
17 Nicolas Fourgeaud
21 Jean-Marie Bassoleil
22 Sylvain Vonlanthen
25 Jean-Marie Bassoleil
29 Sylvain Vonlanthen
31 Herve Perez
33 Florent Gauthier
35 Sylvain Vonlanthen
36 Charles Imbert
37 Charles Imbert
39 Jean-Marie Bassoleil
40 Benoit Peillen
41 Charles Imbert
43 Cyriac Champelovier
48 Cyriac Champelovier
49 Aurelien Talibard
50 Jean-Marie Laviec
51 Sylvain Duplant
53 Aurelien Talibard
56 Sylvain Vonlanthen
59 Thomas Duran
60 Thomas Duran
61 Jean-Marie Laviec
62 Thomas Duran
63 Vincent Laroche
64 Benoit Peillen
65 Benoit Peillen
67 Jeremie Wolf
68 Jeremie Wolf
69 Matthieu Lepercq
70 Jean-Marie Bassoleil
72 Aurelien Talibard
73 Jean Loup Roussel
74 Cyril Ode
79 Nicolas Fourgeaud
80 Thomas Duran
81 Bernard Soulie
83 Eva Roudil
85 Nicolas Fourgeaud
86 Nicolas Fourgeaud

Would you like to join us?
sales department offers to sign up to our wine distribution charter to benefit from our professional rates and support from the sales team.

- Support for quality events-
- Genuine sales support tools-
- Access to the entire range-
- High-performance logistics

The Domaine is yours: Bring your customers to the Domaine, it's your home. As a partner of the Domaine, we will always be at your side to help your customers discover the Domaine.


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