Karen Turner

A delicate approach to wine

Karen Turner in the Domaine's old wine storehouse
Karen Turner in the vineyards


Karen Turner was honored with the title of "Best Wine Produced by a Female Oenologist" at the 2016 "Sakura" competition in Japan.

In 1997, Karen set foot on the Old Continent. She began her career in Alsace, before exploring the wine-growing lands of South Africa and Portugal.

In love with France, she left the Douro to settle in the Languedoc in 2003.

In September 2020, well before the Domaine was acquired by the Clausel family, Karen joined them, bringing her expertise and unwavering love of wine.


Karen has been at PicSaint Loup since 2021, and since then, she has become a firm believer in the terroir of Pic Saint Loup.

The particularities of the local terroir, the depth of the limestone soils and the rainfall, are for Karen as much the assets of Pic Saint Loup that enable the creation of fresh, elegant and modern wines as the constraints in terms of agriculture that require particularly meticulous monitoring of the vineyard every year.

At Domaine Uma, wood is largely proscribed to let the natural tannins settle in. The wines are matured in eggs, jars, concrete and stainless steel vats to keep them fresh and provide them with good acidity.

Karen takes great pleasure in sharing the wines she crafts for every occasion when drinking Uma wines.

Wine tourism

Another way to discover our wines

From a stroll through the vineyards to discover the terroir and grape varieties, to a visit to the winery and tasting of our wines, you'll discover all the alchemy of wine.

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