Light, energy and creativity: the mantras of our convictions

A place, production tool and experiential destination

The uniqueness of Domaine Uma lies in the fact that it is both a place of work and a reception area, where guests can experience the "art de vivre Domaine".

Here, everything is done to the rhythm of the seasons, and time passes slowly until the peak of the harvest, when everything changes and the age-old know-how of the winegrower expresses its full quintés cens. L'art de vivre Domaine is the French art of living with a tempo: adagio.

Choosing Domaine Uma as your destination is to treat yourself to a moment of nostalgia and timeless conviviality.

Tours and workshops

A collective


Behind Domaine Uma is a collective of men and women, the umamamists, who each day put their know-how to work for the collective to offer a moment of pleasure when tasting each of the Domaine's wines. It's with a common passion that they all share their expertise.

Jonathan, Mathis and O'Brian

The cultivation manager and his team


Swiss Army Knife


It's party time


Food and wine pairing


Team Leader


Rock'n roll wine maker



From day one, the Clausel family has been committed to preserving the soil's fertility as a guarantor of the estate's future, in a genuine and sincere approach to geo-climatic factors.

The agro-environmental approach, within the framework of "Organic Agriculture" certification, is a natural commitment for the management and production of our wines. Beyond this initial conviction, it is the challenges of biodiversity and our carbon footprint that dictate our day-to-day choices.

The primary conviction of respect for the environment leads to limited annual production for haute couture wines.


Optimizing and recycling our packaging

We are aware of our CO2 footprint. To limit our activity, we choose lighter, 100% recyclable bottles. All our waste is sorted to give it a second life.

Favoring short circuits

We give preference to local partners as suppliers both for the vineyards and the cellar, and for the choice of suppliers for our Wine Bar.

Buy local and in season

The Domaine's kitchen garden is used to supply the Wine Bar with seasonal vegetables. It's another way of showcasing the terroir, and at the same time of taking only what's needed to avoid food waste.

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