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They create the identity of Domaine Uma

the Florence Clausel-Borel Architecte team


Based in Paris, the Clausel-Borel agency boasts a team with a wide range of skills.

It includes three project architects, a freelance photographer, a draughtsman, a perspective artist and a freelance graphic designer.

To enrich its projects, the agency collaborates with landscape architects, model-makers and acoustics specialists.

Before founding the agency in 2006, Florence Clausel-Borel acquired solid experience working for prestigious names such as OMA in New York, Jean Nouvel in Paris, and Christian de Portzamparc, where she spent three years.

These periods enabled her to contribute to architectural projects of international stature, such as the Seattle Library, the Copenhagen Philharmonic and the Cité de la Musique in Rio de Janeiro.

Drawing on this expertise and multidisciplinary approach, the agency approaches each new project as a unique work, guided by a constant desire for innovation, sustainable quality and harmonious integration within its environment.

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Sara Castagné - Concepto

"Concepto's soul lies in developing innovative lighting visions in synergy with society's challenges."

over thirty years, Concepto hasbeenexercising its expertise in lighting design in France and on a global scale. The agency works in a variety of development and construction sectors, focusing on nocturnal uses and the management of night time, which occupies half of our annual time. Concepto specializes in the creation of urban lighting projects, nocturnal landscapes, and urban, architectural and heritage lighting.

The agency distinguishes itself by developing large-scale lighting strategies, while applying its know-how to the design of lighting ambiances for interior spaces. Comprising a team of eleven people with varied backgrounds, the agency combines complementarity, sensitivity and originality.

Focused on the future and societal challenges, Concepto's spirit reflects an ongoing commitment to innovation and relevance in its field of activity.

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the Concepto agency team
The ALEP agency team

Philippe deliau - Aleppo

"We develop sites with a naturalist vocation, often open to the public, as well as exceptional parks and gardens.

Faced with the problem of Opérations Grands Sites, we form a multidisciplinary team combining landscape architects, a scenographer with a degree in architecture and a botanist."

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MODE-F is a duo of sound illustrators, composers, producers and DJs specializing in the creation of sophisticated, custom-designed soundtracks for Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, London and New York, as well as for special events.

The team is made up of Alexander Maxwell and Nano de Clausel, two dynamic, multi-talented personalities who embody a perfect mastery of technological tools, creativity and sound illustration.

Since 2002, they have been regularly called upon by the world's leading fashion designers, as well as event producers. Unique in their know-how, they invent soundtracks that illustrate the event, creating a perfect symbiosis between scenography and music.

Their sound illustrations for fashion shows are now among the most original in the world. For more than 18 years, they have worked with some of the world's leading fashion houses in both ready-to-wear and haute couture.

Nano de Clausel
Johanna Kerner


A true creative jack-of-all-trades, Johanna is involved in everything from the packaging of the Domaine's bottles, to the design of the reception areas, to the choice of all the items offered in the Domaine's boutique.

The Domaine's bottles, recycled by Johanna, are iconic of her work.

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