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1800 - 1923

Known since the 1800s as Chateau de Chambon, initially a simple sheepfold and silkworm farm, the estate expanded throughout the 19th century.

1924 - 1994

In 1924, the Gaffinel family bought the estate and renamed it Château de Valcyre. It was from this date onwards that the first vines were planted and the first wines bottled at the estate.

1995 - 2015

In 1995, Château de Valcyre was split into two entities which, while remaining within the same family, lived independently of each other. The estate was gradually broken up and lost its importance.

2016 - 2020

In 2016, Jean-Pierre Girard acquired part of the estate, followed by the remainder in 2018. However, Jean-Pierre Girard will keep each part of the estate independent of the other, with the dual names of Terre des Cambon on one side and Château de Valcyre on the other.


It wasn't until the Clausel family bought the two properties in 2021 that work began to reunite and heal the past, and more broadly to redeploy the vineyard.

It was under the name of Domaine Uma that the revival of the estate began, with Karen Turner at the helm of wine production.


In 2022, the Clausel family acquired 17 hectares of adjoining land belonging to Jean Marc Boillot. With this latest acquisition, Domaine Uma now comprises 120 hectares of vines and garrigue: 60 hectares of farmland, 40 of which are farmed, all almost in a single block.

The first wines labelled Domaine Uma are bottled (red, white and rosé) and offered for sale.


2023 marks the culmination of Domaine Uma's renaissance, with the bottling of thirteen cuvées divided into four ranges: gastronomic, bistronomic, bistro and discovery. These thirteen cuvées are complemented by a spirit: origin, a gin with peppery and citrus accents, and an olive oil.

In 2023, Domaine Uma takes delivery of the new winery designed by the team led by Florence Clausel-Borel, architect, and Sara Castagné, lighting designer and scenographer, the first milestone in the revival of Domaine Uma. In parallel with the new winery, "La Terrasse du Pic", the Domaine's bistronomic tasting space, opens during the summer season.

Wine tourism

Another way to discover our wines

From a stroll through the vineyards to discover the terroir and grape varieties, to a visit to the winery and tasting of our wines, you'll discover all the alchemy of wine.

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