Good wine makes
a beautiful day

The essence of uma

Light, energy and creativity, the mantras of our convictions

Domaine Uma takes its name from the Hindu goddess Uma, goddess of light, energy and creativity. These three mantras are symbols of both our terroir and our values.

Domaine Uma's uniqueness lies in the fact that it is both a place of work and a reception venue, allowing guests to experience the "art de vivre Domaine".


la terrasse du pic

The art of living at the Domaine

A colorful, panoramic terrace overlooking the Domaine's sea of vines and the triptych of Château de Montferrand, Pic Saint Loup and Hortus invites you to unwind. Here, plant life takes center stage, offering a bath in nature.


La Cave

Exceptional architecture at the service of wines


Wine tourism

Another way to discover our wines

From a stroll through the vineyards to discover the terroir and grape varieties, to a visit to the winery and tasting of our wines, you'll discover all the alchemy of wine.


Through the seasons

A look back at the events that punctuate life at the Domaine


A look back ... Art makes its debut at Domaine Uma

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A look back at ... the 2023 harvest

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