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An exceptional location set in Mediterranean landscapes

Domaine Uma sunset over the Pic Saint Loup
The Pic Saint Loup and the Hortus in twilight


Looking north from Montpellier, you'll see the Pic Saint Loup. This is the legendary setting for Domaine Uma, set between garigues, vines and limestone cliffs.

Domaine Uma covers 120 hectares of vines and garigues, intersected by the Rieufrech river. The main vineyard blocks stretch along north-facing slopes.

Domaine Uma is divided into three terroirs, allowing us to combine wines for every occasion.

Light,Energy, Creativity

The three mantras of the Hindu goddess Uma, from which the Domaine takes its name, are as much qualifiers for the location of Domaine Uma as they are for the expertise of its teams. -

- Light, located just behind the Pic SaintLoup, Domaine Uma benefits from sunshine that is atypical for the Languedoc region, while the seaside entrances are blocked by the Pic Saint Loup.
- Energy, this is the relationship with the climate of the Pic Saint Loup, with alternating hot and cold weather on the same day and abundant rainfall during Cevennes episodes.
- Creativity is the work of the Domaine's teams, both in the vineyard, with the choice of grape varieties not always expected in the Languedoc, and in the wines produced in the cellar: bubbles, rosé - red - orange wine...

Alley of mulberry trees
New grape variety planting campaign

grape varieties

Domaine Uma's red wines are created from the great grape varieties emblematic of the Mediterranean: Syrah, Grenache, Carignan to guarantee the typicality of the terroir's wines.

Whites from the Languedoc and Saint Guilhem le Désert appellations are revealed through Rolle, Roussanne, Chardonnay and Sémillon.

Finally, rosés express the gourmet side of Merlot, Cinsault, Syrah and Grenache noir.

Since 2021, 10 hectares have been planted with new grape varieties: Fiano, Albarinho, Sangiovese, Cournoise...


The terroir and the vines would be nothing without the know-how of those who bring them to life. Every day, in the vineyard and in the cellar, the Domaine's teams apply the winegrower's know-how to create great terroir wines.

Our farming practices are carried out in perfect harmony with nature, of which we are the guardians, under the "Organic Agriculture" label.

Vine pruning
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