A look back ... Art makes its debut at Domaine Uma

Domaine Uma, a haven of culture and art, made its mark by hosting an exceptional art exhibition on the weekend of June 4, 2022, highlighting creativity and artistic expression in all its forms. For this remarkable occasion, the estate opened its doors to a talented and diverse collective of artists, offering an immersive experience for art lovers and visitors alike. Alain Vaissière, Didier Biffano, Maxime Daoust, Fabrizio Lavagna, Toffi, William Let, and Soubeyran came together at Domaine Uma for a temporary exhibition, in unprecedented collaboration with Techni art gallery, marking a high point in the cultural life of summer 2022.

An Enchanting Setting for an Artistic Encounter

Domaine Uma, known for its exceptional setting and rich history, proved to be the ideal location for this unique encounter between art and nature. Taking place outside the walls of the Techni art gallery, the exhibition created a singular dialogue between the works of the guest artists and the surrounding space. Visitors had the opportunity to discover the creations in a context different from that of a traditional gallery, offering a new and enriching perspective on contemporary art.

A Mosaic of Artistic Expressions

The event brought together a diverse range of artists, each bringing his or her own unique voice to the contemporary artistic landscape. From Alain Vaissière, whose works question the perception of space and matter, to Didier Biffano, whose sculptures explore the relationship between form and emotion, the exhibition offered a wide range of artistic visions. Maxime Daoust, with his vibrant paintings, and Fabrizio Lavagna, through his poetic installations, invited visitors to reflect on color, form and meaning.

Toffi, William Let, and Soubeyran complemented this artistic palette with their avant-garde approaches, bold uses of volume and light, and personal quests for meaning and authenticity, enriching the exhibition with a diversity of mediums and messages.

An ephemeral and memorable collaboration

This artistic weekend was the fruit of a collaboration between Domaine Uma and Techni art gallery, illustrating their shared commitment to promoting art and supporting artists. This off-site exhibition offered an exceptional platform for visibility for the artists and an enriching cultural experience for the public, underlining the importance of creating spaces for dialogue and encounters around art.

An Invitation to Time Travel

The weekend of June 4, 2022, at Domaine Uma, became an invitation to explore the richness and diversity of contemporary art, offering visitors a cultural break in a magnificent setting. This unique exhibition allowed visitors to be transported by art, discover new perspectives and celebrate creativity in all its forms.

All in all, this off-site exhibition was a dazzling demonstration of the vitality of contemporary art and its power to inspire, testifying to the successful collaboration between the artists, Domaine Uma and Techni art gallery in their shared mission to bring art to life and make it accessible to all.

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A look back ... Art makes its debut at Domaine Uma

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